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Our Service:

The PCN dietitian is a member of the healthcare team who works with GP practices within the PCN in your local area. They can provide individualised dietary information for you to help you manage your diet better and improve your diabetic control to reduce your chance of developing other health problems due to your diabetes.


They will discuss with your food and drink in detail and work with you to improve your knowledge and help you to manage your diabetic diet better. They will help you put together a dietary plan, setting goals that you can work towards and review your progress.

At your first appointment you will be seen face to face for an assessment and then we would decide the best way forward to review your progress by further face to face appointments or by telephone.


Referral Pathways

Diabetes Dietitian
(Vanessa Maynard):

Gastroenterology Dietitian

(Riddhi Desai):

Patient concern with any of the following:

· Irritable Bowel Disease (IBS)

· Coeliac disease

· Inflammatory bowel Disease (IBD) - Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis

· Liver disease - alcohol liver disease / fatty liver disease

· Pancreatitis

· Pancreatic insufficiency

· Diverticular disease

· T2DM

· Heart health (cardiovascular) issues, e.g high cholesterol, high triglycerides

· Plant – based nutrition / Vegan diet

· Recent weight loss (concern)/ nutrition support

· Disease related malnutrition ,e.g cancer , COPD

· Frailty/ weakness/ muscle loss / increased falls

· Lack of appetite


Exclusion criteria

- Not suitable for referral under 18 years of age

- Acutely unwell

- Acute mental health issues

- Patients who do not want to see a dietitian

- Being seen by Community dietitians team or hospital-based gastro / diabetes / nutrition support team.

- Patients with eating disorders or disordered eating

How to Refer?

Please book your suitable patients with their consent into the PCN dietitian clinic appointment slots

Any queries about booking clinic slots please send a task to PCN dietitians task group

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