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Social Prescribers

Therapy session

Our Service:

The Social Prescribing team offers a holistic assessment with signposting, referral and short-term support/interventions to appropriate services for patients looking at the wider determinants of health. It is important to highlight we do not act as long-term support/support workers.

Our team has a range of skills and knowledge which is shared to enable patients in accessing specialist services to meet their individual needs. We have developed excellent links with community; statutory and health organisations to ensure that patients individual needs are responded to in the most appropriate way for them. With choice playing a key role in the empowerment of the individual in deciding the right service for them.

Key service features

  • This service can be face to face or telephone

  • We can provide home visits to those who need it where a suitable risk assessment has been completed

  • We work with people for up to 3 months

  • Patients can be referred by any member of staff in the GP surgery or the PCN. Please Task the Social Prescriber group at the appropriate surgery.

  • Patients can refer themselves by asking any member of staff at the surgery or within the PCN who then needs to task the Social Prescriber group.

  • Please note, the Social Prescribing Team are not counsellors or therapists, they enable patients to access services that are appropriate and available

  • The team will assess the patient and refer to the most appropriate specialist services to meet their needs

  • If the patients only challenge is their Mental health, please ensure you make a referral to the ARMHS team instead of the social prescribers

Domestic Violence

The team receive regular training and legislation updates around domestic violence; part of which includes MARAC training and the CADA Dash risk assessment training. They are all aware of the specialist services that are available and refer to suitable services when patients are ready to take this step.

They also look at harm minimisation; housing options and income maximisation in these situations by referring to organisations which can help with these specific issues if the individual is ready to deal with it.

Referral Criteria

  • Please consider referral to social prescriber rather than GP for any of the below. Examples of issues experienced by patients suitable for Social Prescribing Team:

  • Isolation/ Loneliness/ Befriending

  • Finances/ Debt/ Benefits

  • Unemployment/ Volunteering

  • Housing support/ Homelessness

  • Weight Management

  • Disability home adaptation

  • Bereavement

  • Domestic Violence

  • Trauma/ Sexual Abuse

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